Thursday, January 20, 2011

In Memoriam

This coming Saturday is a day of great infamy in the United States. The legalization of abortion at all stages by determination of the US Supreme Court in the decision Roe v. Wade has led to the slaughter of countless American lives.

Yet, it is hailed by some as a champion of women's liberty. I have met and counseled women who have had abortions, they are trapped, not freed, by this decision.

A couple things to read and reflect upon during this weekend's remembrances/memorials/vigils:

First, you know those 'life of the mother' exceptions that they keep trying to ram through to keep this gruesome procedure legal? Mary Kochan at Catholic Exchange has a wonderful response.

Proving the lie that these docs really are all about protecting women, comes reports from Philly that shows the truth behind the procedure. Jill Stanek, Pro-Life Warrior!

Eric Sammons (who has Cincinnati roots) makes the statement that this is more 'norm' than 'exception.

Finally, if you haven't yet, please read Abby Johnson's gripping tale of her conversion from Planned Parenthood exec to Pro-Life witness. FYI! There are 2 versions of this book: a Catholic and secular one. The one available at Amazon for the Kindle (which is what I read) does not contain her conversion to also rejecting the contraceptive mentality. I've linked to the Catholic version available through Ignatius Press. This book outlines how to approach the silent witness of prayer in front of abortion mills. As Abby said at this past year's Cincinnati Right to Life Banquet: 'I knew that it just wasn't right to have people praying, 24-7, in front of your place of emplyment.' It eventually worked into her heart and led to her crossing the line.

One last note, Cincinnati Right to Life is publicizing a 'Walk for Life' here in Cincinnati this coming Saturday, beginning at 11:00 AM at Cincinnati's City Hall to Fountain Square.

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