Wednesday, February 7, 2007

6 Effective Habits of Vocational Recruiting

Zenit picks up an article by Tim Drake from the National Catholic Register.

To sum up, Drake's six points:

1) Eucharist, esp. Adoration

2) Invitations by priests to consider the priesthood

3) Faithfulness of the seminary

4) Strong father figure in a candidate's life

5) Interaction with priests, especially as altar servers

6) World Youth Day

They all seem pretty self evident, don't they?


Rich Leonardi said...

I believe Fr. Steven Alcott, formerly of Cincinnati's St. Gertrude parish, cites WYD as a major influence. And given that most altar servers these days are girls, one wonders how much longer number 5 will make a difference.

Chris said...

I agree with Rich. It seems to me that if we want to encourage young men to hear God's calling, serving at the alter is a good place to for them to be. Since God does not call females to the priesthood why put them serving at the alter? It can only confuse them.

Antonia said...

And speaking of the World Youth Day, Fr, can you help me disseminate this survey to people whom you know have gone to the WYD (in Cologne or the past ones)? Thank you...

I've heard some people telling me about attending the World Youth Day as a factor in their vocation discernment, and this survey tries to sum up some of their experience.

Anonymous said...

i actually heard a homiliy where the priest cited his being an altar server as a factor in his vocation journey. my husband and i almost laughed out loud. all the altar servers that sunday were girls. i think in the interest of political correctness, the altar serving should be dropped from the list.