Friday, October 31, 2008

I can now ignore all those ads

My ballot is filled out, sealed and ready to go in the mail.  (well, at least with the addition of a stamp.)

Now I can blissfully turn a deaf ear to the next political ad, ahhhh..........

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Update on Grandpa

For those wondering, my Grandfather whom I mentioned last week is holding on, getting a bit stronger, and is now in something like a transitional care facility. I really don't know what it is, something between full hospital care and a regular nursing home.

In related news, today is his 91st birthday!

Radio Goo Goo

As just mentioned, I was at the stations of Sacred Heart Radio this afternoon for taping of The Gospel Today for this weekend. It airs on Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 and 11:30 on 740AM, Sacred Heart Radio, also streamed online.

To hear it live, report to the Cathedral at 8:30 on Sunday. I'm looking forward to the vestment selection, hint hint.

For those who are looking for a place to celebrate the Holy Day Mass on Saturday (even though it is not a day of obligation), I have the 8:00 AM Mass at Holy Name on Auburn Ave, before a rosary procession to planned unparenthood.

Why so silent?

Sorry for the silence, folks, still trying to catch up with things over the last week.

For Monday's events, read Adoro's post.

Tuesday afternoon was priest support, where we toured the Servatii Bakery plant. Yummy

Wednesday was the priest convocation on trauma. Afterwards, a different priest group got together.

This morning was a few meetings, lunch at the sem, and then to the radio station.

No wonder my desk monster is getting bigger instead of smaller!

Monday, October 27, 2008

blognic is on

Despite the silence over the weekend, the blognic is still on for tonight.8:30 @ hoffbrau haus Newport

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Always come in Three's....

After one on Saturday and another on Monday, I was expecting the other shoe to drop.

Mom and her five siblings have been summoned to the hospital to keep watch and vigil with their father, my grandfather.  He's been in since last Friday, received the Last Rites, and now the waiting has begun.

Any prayers for my grandfather, Edward, would be greatly appreciated.  Oh, and keep Viola, his dear wife of 63 years there, too.  I have a feeling that when one goes, the other will not be too far behind.

UPDATE: It seems Grandpa has stabalized somewhat over night, they sent the family home to get some rest, but it seems a long weekend is in store.

Deep in History

I admit, I can't wait for this weekend. Not only will it be much quieter than last weekend, but a chance to gather with friends and some soon to be friends at the annual Deep in History Conference, sponsored by the Coming Home Network. This year's theme is "The Battle for the Faith: North America 1700-1900."

The line-up looks to be the typical list of 'heavy hitters' as in the past years; but I am particularly looking forward to Msgr. Frank Lane's talk on Bardstown. Not simply for the topic matter, but also because he is one of the priests during my seminary formation whom I really admired and thought: "If I could be just even a smidge like him....."

For all those joining together this weekend in Columbus, I will see you there, I can't wait!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just another ho-hum weekend

Sorry for the silence the last three days, especially after all the excitement on Friday.  A run down of an all too typical weekend for me:

Thursday Evening: Evening for Life with the Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati

At the computer at 6:00 AM, heard an announcement was coming.
phone calls started at 6:30, with a mix of surfing until about 8:00
8:30 head to the office, tried to work, YEAH, RIGHT!
10:00 back to Cathedral for Press Conference
12:30 back to office, head spinning
2:00 Mass with Franciscan Daughters of Mary
3:30 back to Cathedral
5:30 leave for wedding rehearsal (for the second time, oh to read a calendar right!) '6' = six o'clock, not FIVE!
after wedding rehearsal, funeral home visitation for the wife of a big supported of the vocation office
home, then dinner at Rock Bottom at about 9:00

10:30 Funeral, see above
12:30 back at Cathedral
1:30 - 3:00 confessions at Cathedral (three penitents, as there was a wedding in the chapel.  At least I got some reading done!)
5:00 wedding at St. Francis de Sales
post wedding: Banzai run to Target for birthday present for my 3 year old God-Daughter
7:30 Mass, coaches and a player with the Bengals.  (maybe Coach Lewis should insist everyone go?!?!?!)  (He attended the other chapel service.)
9:00 home, hmmm.... dinner; Nicholson's this time; ran into the cousin of a brother priest!

8:45 leave for Minster, Ohio
10:45 arrive in Minster for Ashlyn's 3rd birthday party
junk food, coffee, egg casarole, more coffee, and then cake; leaves on feeling rather unwell!  Mix in tossing the football in the back yard, ugh!
2:30 leave Minster, head to funeral home in Cincinnati
4:30 arrive at funeral home in Cincinnati
5:00 (after cutting the line, membership has its privileges!) leave funeral home
Dinner at a friend's house, relax
7:30 Mass at a parish
9:15 home

8:30 go to office
9:30 leave office, back to Cathedral (why did I even go?!?!), leave for next funeral
10:30 Funeral
noon: back at Cathedral, scarf lunch, return to office
1:30 chat with a supporter/friend about some ideas for the Office and/or seminary
3:00 back in office
4:00 return to Cathedral for confessions and Mass
5:45 head to dinner with a friend
7:30-9:00 Vocation Advisory Board meeting, went very well, thanks!
9:15 emails
9:45 'review of weekend post'
Who's playing Monday Night Football?

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Well, it is time.

I've been on the air for nearly two years now, and have never had a 'gathering' for 'Called by Name.'  I am happy to announce that is about to change!

Next weekend, some friends will be in town, and heading back out on Tuesday, October 28.  Hence, Monday evening, October 27th is open for the first Called by Name Blognic!


8:30 to 10:00 PM, location: Hoffbrauhaus Newport, across from Newport on the Levee.  We'll be in the side dining room instead of the main beer hall.  Come one and all!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Difference between a Coadjutor and an Auxiliary

Auxiliary walks into the bishop's office in the morning and asks: "Everything ok today?"

Coadjutor walks into the bishop's office and asks: "How are you feeling today?"

As said by Archbishop Pilarczyk at the press conference.

This is going to be confusing with two Archbishops.

Initial Impressions

While always dangerous, initial impressions seem to be very favorable across the board.  Archbishop Schnurr brings a wealth of administrative experience, both at the diocesan level and the level of the USCCB.  During the press conference, he had a very good pastoral sense and said all the right things.  He did mention the success he's had in promotion of vocations, and is therefor heading to our seminary this afternoon.  In that vein, two things: he mentioned that he appointed himself as Vocation Director when he went to the diocese of Duluth, prompting some in the crowd to look at me and say 'start packing!' and that during his tenure in Duluth, vocations tripled.  All of which I am very happy to hear.

Now, what everyone was waiting to hear:

Start date: November 30th
Mass of Welcome: December 7th

Drop of title 'Co-Adjutor': upon the retirement of Archbishop Pilarczyk, which is yet to be determined.

word's out! New SHEPHERD!

Word on the street, or actually from the Vatican, we have a new Co-Adjutor!

So far, details I have found: (might be updated)

60 years old
Executive Director of World Youth Day, Denver
General Secretary of the USCCB (which I think is the priest who is in charge of the day to day stuff of the conference)
Priest from Iowa
North American in Rome and Gregorian Alum
Doctorate in Canon Law from Catholic U.

According NCDVD, our new Shepherd serves as the Director of Vocations for his current diocese, assisted by a priest and a deacon.  The Diocese is not a member of NCDVD, which is our national organization.

10:30 Press Conference at the Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rough few days

A friend of mine has had a rough few days of it, please keep her in your prayers: Her son, who lives out of state, and her two-year old grandson were shot in a domestic dispute; resulting in her grandson's death. Very tragic. Don't know any of the details.

Back in the Fold

Meant to post on the weekend yesterday, but got caught up in things and then the internet went down at the Cathedral. Back in the office today, but got a meeting up in Dayton this morning, leaving shortly, hopefully will post more later.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Go gettem, Paula!

Paula Westwood of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati has a great guest column in today's Cincinnati Enquirer on how, across the country, Planned (un)Parenthood has a pattern of covering up cases of potential sexual abuse of minors.  Way to go, Paula!

Unfortunately, I can't find the article on the Enquirer's page, grrr....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bravo, Enquirer

Today's editorial in the Cincinnati Enquirer certainly calls for praise, putting the human dimension to a very difficult question clearly in focus. Particularly telling:

The notion of sending a young girl off after such treatment - and the surrounding emotional issues of sexual abuse, pregnancy and termination, with a cloud of secrecy covering it all - with only the oversight of an irresponsible 21-year-old who was, in fact, her abuser is way outside the range of responsible medical treatment. It flies in the face of good care of this adolescent.
It may be easy to see why anti-abortion advocates wouldn't like this case, but abortion rights advocates should be just as incensed. Otherwise, what happens to all the concern they express about protecting the health of females?
It's hypocritical to make a case for safe abortions when, in this case, the protections provided - including parental notification - fall far short of regular, responsible medical care of a minor.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Homiletic and Pastoral Review is a monthly journal on all things Catholic. Generally, I would say it is one of the more prestiguous on the conservative side of things, along with First Things. To get an article published here is no small thing.

Low and behold, my surprise at this month's issue (October 2008), beginning on page 44: "On the rebirth of holy names" by Rev. Mr. David J. Endres; seminarian for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati!

Congrats David, and be assured of our continued prayers for you as you approach your ordination this May!
UPDATE: HPR is found here, doesn't look like all the articles from the current issue are available online.

More on Technology

We've had computer issues here at the Central Offices last the week (luckily I was out of the office for most of the storm). Well, instead of having my very own personal computer sitting on my desk, I have now gone to a Sun Microsystem workstation. Anyone else work with one of these that has any advice to pass along?

Fr. Paul Wolfer, rest in Peace

Word comes this morning bringing sad news, Fr. Paul Wolfer, a priest for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, passed away last evening.

As he lived with him for a short time, Fr. Rob Jack has a moving testimonial over at Ecce Sacerdos.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Priestless Sundays

One of the new Vocation Directors met last week was Fr. Leo of the Diocese of Fairbanks, Alaska.  During conversations, he mentioned a new endeavor by the Diocese to raise awareness of the need for vocations to the priesthood for the diocese: Priestless Sunday.

One of the difficulties with the Diocese there, one of the few (if not the only?) mission dioceses in the States, is that they have quite a number of mission parishes that are in the far reaches of the diocese who only see their priests every three to six weeks, while the parishes in the city have a regular priest who is there every week.  So, one weekend, all of these 'city priests' are heading to the outskirts to provide for the spiritual needs of the people out in the hinterlands.

Interesting concept, and I hope it helps to encourage native vocations, as Fr. Leo mentioned that the majority of the priests in the diocese are imports from the lower 48.

Also, Fr. Leo mentioned that they also important priests to cover all of their parishes for Christmas and Easter.  Hmm... I wonder if Mom would mind if I whisked away to Alaska for Easter this year.....  (She'll probably want to go with me!)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Home from Denver

Hobnobbed with Cardinal Foley last night.

Off to Mass on the Radio shortly

Weekend Discernment Retreat.

Sleep Sunday!