Friday, October 17, 2008

Initial Impressions

While always dangerous, initial impressions seem to be very favorable across the board.  Archbishop Schnurr brings a wealth of administrative experience, both at the diocesan level and the level of the USCCB.  During the press conference, he had a very good pastoral sense and said all the right things.  He did mention the success he's had in promotion of vocations, and is therefor heading to our seminary this afternoon.  In that vein, two things: he mentioned that he appointed himself as Vocation Director when he went to the diocese of Duluth, prompting some in the crowd to look at me and say 'start packing!' and that during his tenure in Duluth, vocations tripled.  All of which I am very happy to hear.

Now, what everyone was waiting to hear:

Start date: November 30th
Mass of Welcome: December 7th

Drop of title 'Co-Adjutor': upon the retirement of Archbishop Pilarczyk, which is yet to be determined.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that once he sees what you've been doing, you'll have his blessing to continue. :-)

And another good thing....absolutely wonderful support.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he could be Assistant Vocation Director.


Unknown said...

Hey, Adoro!

You're headed for Cincy! Did you know something that I didn't know and kept it a secret from me?

Anonymous said...

LOL! Nope, Ray...not at all! Although I'm happy to be able to celebrate this news in person with the people it affects! (And after in MN we sure do know about the celebration of a promising bishop!)

Anonymous said...

Fr. Kyle,
I am a young priest of the Diocese of Duluth. I believe you will really like him. We are very, very sad to see him go. But this is God's will. When he came to Duluth he did make himself Vocation director, but he also kept the vocation director as an assistant. May God bless your ministry.