Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

As those following the Twitter feed over there on the right, I've made my way to the 'Rents for a few days.  I made my way home on Holy Saturday and con-celebrated the Vigil at Sacred Heart in McCartyville, where I also celebrated Mass this morning.  For my Easter homily, I pretty much stole the ideas from Dr. Michael Barber, which can be found here.  I included a footnote in my homily notes, does that keep me from plagarism?

I've been running full steam over the last few weeks, hence the lack of posting, so I'm spending a few days up in the Northern Hinterlands, as they say, to catch up on some sleep and reading that was intended for Lent, but never gotten to.  Please pardon the radio silence, but enjoy the Easter Octave, celebrate the entire season and we'll check back in later.

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