Tuesday, June 14, 2011


At the risk of saying something I might regret down the road, I have to admit I am pretty drained tonight, having completed a run of a few very tiring days, most of which I can't discuss.

To top it off, as I was returning to my office from lunch, my phone rang.  A family I know from a previous parish assignment was on the way to Children's Hospital for an emergency surgery for their granddaughter, who was not yet Baptized.  "Um..., Father, what do we do?!?!"  "I'm on my way."

Of course, I hit every red light, got behind every slow truck, etc. on my way there.  (At least I didn't get lost and Children's isn't terribly far from downtown.)

I managed to get to the room as they were getting ready to take her into surgery, I grabbed a cup, some water and poured and said the right words.  That's that.

I couldn't leave, so spent the rest of the afternoon with the family as the little one was in surgery, pretty heart wrenching stuff, I have to admit.  We have, reportedly, one of the best Children's Hospitals in the country here in Cincinnati, and the people who work there are absolutely fantastic in making the kids feel as much at home as possible; but it drains me to be there.

Why the child's life was never in danger, she is going to face an uphill battle and some adjustments.  Please pray for a quick recovery for her, peace for her parents and grandparents, and thanksgiving for the doctors and nurses who work so tirelessly at our hospitals and clinics around the country, especially those who work with children.  I'm spent, and I didn't do much besides be there, which can sometimes be comfort enough.

If you can, spare a prayer for me, too, please.  Because despite doing a (hopefully) good deed today, work still needs to be done and I don't have the energy to do it right now.  Some days, the best you can do is feel inadequate and hope God makes up the difference.


Janelle said...

Praying for you.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Fr. Kyle for all that you do.

Gail F said...

Please know that parents often feel exactly the way you do -- completely spent and hoping that God makes up the difference. It is a hazard of a vocation that entails taking care of others. You are, after all, a father -- but father to A LOT of people. Praying for you!!

Ryan H said...

Praying for you Father! Just remember that 30 years from now, that family will remember today and be grateful for what you've done. You might not remember the toil of tonight two years from now. We are blessed to have you!

Adoro said...

You'll always remember the toil and hardship of that experience, Father, because it is in remembering it that you will also recall God's strength in yours and the family's weakness.

Prayers for you and them.

Father Schnippel said...

Thanks, all, for the prayers. I stopped by again this morning and mom, dad and baby seem to be in better spirits. Please pray for them, too! (they need it more than I right now.)

Anonymous said...

Fr. Kyle, thank you so much for all of your efforts yesterday. Y'all should have seen him knocking people down , pushing carts out of his way and sprinting down the hall to baptize Zoe!! :) It was a great comfort to have you there yesterday and you can't imagine our appreciation for the fact that you stayed with us until the operation was over. We love you and will pray for you always.


Anonymous said...

Or prayers were with all last night. Being both the Priest, parents and grandparents can be emotionally draining and all you can do is put your trust in God. Be sure all will continue to be in Dad and I's prayers.

Love you

Father Schnippel said...


I only knocked one person over, and well, just wouldn't get out of the way so had it coming!

Mom: thanks for the prayers, as always! You're the best mom a priest could have!

MJ said...

Prayers for both you and the family. I'm sure you being there during the operation and knowing of your prayers was comfort for the family. You were where you were supposed to be and God's presence for that family. The rest of the work will get done in time. God will help with that too. You are truly a blessing.

Kurt H said...

You did a good thing, and the family will remember it.

Our Erin was born on a Friday evening, with the threat of a heart defect. We arranged with the (Lutheran) hospital chaplain to have her baptized as soon as possible after birth. His comment at the time, "Good luck finding a Catholic priest on a Friday night."

the Egyptian said...

As a parent on the other side years ago, I wish we would have had a priest like you with us on those long waits at Childrens in Columbus, a female minister just didn't cut it for me.
God Bless