Thursday, September 15, 2011

Admit it, you're jealous

You just didn't know it yet.

Wayne, my trusty sidekick in the Vocation Office, and I are heading to Detroit tomorrow (and will be there until next Friday) as the Ohio and Michigan region of Diocesan Vocation Directors meet in our annual Convention.  There will be well over 200 priests (and a few lay folk thrown in, too) present from most parts of the country, internationally too, representing their respective Diocesan Vocation Offices, seminaries, vocation promotion efforts, etc., to chat about how we can do this whole thing better.

Archbishop O'Brien was to give one of two key-note addresses, but the Pope had the gall to move him to Rome without consulting us.

Workshops are offered on relations w/ seminaries, international candidates and immigration issues, social media (your's truly is co-hosting that one), discernment retreats, etc.  We have 'cultural excursions' to the Henry Ford Museum and plant among a few other things; business to attend to (electing two 'at large' board members), training for new Vocation Directors, etc., etc. etc.

If you could, please offer a prayer or two (perhaps even daily) for us all while we gather.  I'll try to post some things here, but keep tabs also on the twitter feed to the right and maybe even a few Facebook updates along the way.

We are meeting right in the heart of downtown Detroit, at the Marriott in the RenCenter.  Our closing Mass is w/ Archbishop Vigneron at Sacred Heart Seminary next Thursday.  (Which allows Wayne and I just enough time to get back to Cinci for CREDO next weekend.)


Rachel said...

I'm praying it will be a fruitful convention, Father! And I won't tell the Holy Father what you said. :)

Banshee said...

Praying ---

And don't forget to go to King's Books! It's the seven-or-eight-story building over by the Greyhound station. You can't miss it.

Banshee said...

901 W. Lafayette Blvd, that is.

Go in a pack. That way, you can spread out and cover the whole building. :)

Jackie said...

Of course I'm jealous Father - Detroit and the Vocation Directors Conference. What possibly could be better?

Trey said...


We are lucky to have your enthusiasim and energy in growing vocations.....Hope you enjoy the time with your counterparts and find the sessions productives...We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers during your travels

Paul said...

admit it, you're jealous that the Pope didn't move you to Rome.
I will keep you in my prayers