Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Hidden Life of a Parish

From Touchstone, comes this inside look at church politics.

(And a reason I am glad I'm not in a parish!)

Swing of the thurible to Carl Olson


Kurt said...

That's seems vaguely familiar to my own council meetings.


Ellen said...

If you are familiar with "The Vicar of Dibley," it sounds like the parish meetings in the show.

Adoro te Devote said...

Oh, my goodness! Thanks for that link! I'm on a Commission in my parish (not a committee), and just last month we had a discussion on adding Latin to the Mass that went in a similar manner, a discussion about drafting a letter to someone, a discussion about statues and who would be offended by their movement or addition of others, an icon, who should be responsible, it should go through the Council, it should go through the Environment Committee, who needed to do an inventory of existing art, but whose job is that....and on and on.

I'm so going to print that page out and take it to our next meeting. It'll save us the trouble of coming up with our own issues...we can just read what's there and be done with it.

We'll invite one of the priests to read the Pastor's part.

Thanks for the laugh!

Peter said...

I have to say that is eerily similar to the one parish meeting I had to attend as a student vistor for the catholic campus ministry. They discussed for about 45 minutes the changeover from [awful] homemade bread to actual hosts. Decision was made in about 5 minutes. Discussion lasted at least 25. Then the decision of who the new chairman would be. That lasted at least an hour. Ridiculous!