Sunday, June 17, 2007

So, it's just that easy!

Rich Leonardi posts on the efforts at St. Rose on Eastern Ave (NOT Riverside Drive) to solicit names of potentials for candidates.

Officially, I think every parish should have something like this in place. For those who are named, it make awaken and allow them to name what they are already thinking about deep down, but don't understand. Granted, some will not respond, but some might and that is worth the effort. Period. End of Story.


Rich Leonardi said...

A key point about St. Rose's program is that Fr. Windholtz (sp.) gives their vocations programs enthusiastic plugs during his homilies and tries to involve the parish community. During last year's "adopt-a-chalice" program, the adopting family was invited to receive the chalice in front of the altar just before the dismissal.

Father Kyle said...

I've heard of parishes that do the Traveling Chalice/Crucifix/Relic/Holy Item program and distribute it at times other than at Mass.

When I hear that, I want to scream: "HUH?!?!?!"

The whole point of the program is to raise awareness, and if you are doing it in such a hidden way, guess what: NO AWARENESS!!!!

(And they wonder why they are having such a hard time getting energy behind the program, as my neice would say: DUH!)

And Rich, you point out something important: it takes the energy of the pastor to get behind it and to promote it. Not every week, but he has to mention it, in his homilies, in presentations, before the school kids, always.

Promotion of Vocations to the priesthood and religious life is not just my responsibility, it belongs to every Catholic!