Friday, June 1, 2007

Putting Miles on the Mazda

For a day off, it wasn't very relaxing!

Wayne Topp, the Associate Director of Vocations for the Archdiocese, spent a year at the Josephinum back in the day. From that year, he is still friends with a now transitional deacon for the Diocese of Columbus. As they were chatting recently, Wayne mentioned his desire to get something new going for the promotion of vocations here in Cincinnati, and the topic of Jesus Jams came up.

What, do you ask, are 'Jesus Jams'? Simply put, it is an evening of Mass, Praise and Worship, Testimony, Cathecism, and witness (is that the same as testimony?) for high schoolers in Columbus. I have to say, after spending three hours with the guys who help to organize it at lunch today, it sounds like an awesome program! It always has a vocational aspect to it, as well as some fun and games and music. They have been getting around 500 teens once a month to gather!

So, the big question: how do we do it here in Cincinnati? That is my pondering for the evening. We have several great events already, how do we keep the spirit of those events going and build upon them to reach out to the teens of today? Hmm, time to put my thinking cap on. Or, better yet, take the thinking cap off and put on the praying cap. Put into the deep, indeed.

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