Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Preaching on Humanae Vitae

The Eastern Province of the Domincans here in the states have posted on their web site/blog a talk given by Fr. John Baptist Ku, OP, on how to present the teaching of Humanae Vitae in parish preaching. Fr. Ku delivers the homily that he gives every year on the anniversary of Humanae Vitae in which he challenges the members of his parish to live a life of chastity as we have been called to by Christ.

If you have not read Humanae Vitae, it is a rather short document (especially compared to anything that JPII wrote!) Pope Paul VI has turned out to be rather prophetic in what he wrote about, the link between artificial means of contraception and abortion and widespread use of both as demeaning the theology of sex and the intimacy to be shared by a husband and wife.

The document can be found here, do yourself a favor and take the 15 minutes to read it.


Rich Leonardi said...

Thanks for the tip, Father. Does the Easter Province include the priory serving St. Gertrude in the Madeira suburb of Cincinnati?

Father Kyle said...

Yes, the Eastern Province runs St. Gertrude's in Madeira, it is the location of their novitiate.

Adoro te Devote said...

Thanks for recommending this document. I read it a couple years ago and more and more I'm struck by the absolute TRUTH in his words. It's incredible. What he said would happen, sadly, HAS happened. :-(

John K said...

For additional support of Humanae Vitae, check the website listed below my signature. In the "And More" section of the Home Page, there's a piece titled "Understanding Humanae Vitae." In the NFP Resources section there are a number of articles dealing with both Humanae Vitae and its predecessor, Cast Conubii.

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