Friday, July 6, 2007

Put me in, Coach!

One of the few perks to working in the downtown offices is that you occasionally get invited to do fun things. Last night was no exception. The law firm for the Archdiocese sponsors a box at the Ballpark and invited a number of priests to come down for the game.

As it turns out, there were 3 priests there, a deacon and his wife and a few couples that help support 'Helpers of God's Precious Infants' in attendance. It was a great time, and a rare win for the Redlegs, too!

But the highlight of the night (besides Bonds no homering) was catching a foul ball! It'll have to go in a place of honor in the office.


Rich Leonardi said...

You caught a foul ball? My nine-year-old son would be green with envy. Good for you, Father. It sounds like it was a wonderful evening. The Reds are now three for four under their new manager. I guess all the team's problems are solved. /snark.

Father Kyle said...

I caught it on the bounce at the 'sycamore street notch.' And I was glad that there were no young 'uns around, as I would have had to give to one of them instead of keeping it myself! (Well, at least that's what I say in hindsight!)

Miss Meg said...

That's a thrill, for sure! A boy's childhood dream come true. Did you take your glove with you? I was a real fan of the Big Red Machine back in the 70's...D.C. lost the Senators in 71, so Cincinnati was my team of choice!

Father Kyle said...

Miss Meg,

No, I didn't bring my glove with me, a thirty-year old bringing a glove to a game is what I like to call..., um,.. pathetic.

The good news is that DC currently has the Nationals, who are almost as bad as the Reds right now!