Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Affirm the Concern to Discern

In a post title blantantly ripped from Adam's Ale, Fr. V. has a great post on discernment and his love of being a priest:

I believe in what I do. I wake in the morning and I am happy and look forward to doing the things that a priest is called upon to do. Even bad days are not bad days, they are difficult days and I know it has to do with a particular situation and not the priesthood. What a blessing it is to find joy in what you do and how you live life.


uncle jim said...

i hope you two and others of your ilk can spread your joy to those who have burned out

adoro said...

I second what uncle jim said!

And you DO you stay excited? Does it help to have a lot of happy faithful around you? I know that when I meet a priest who loves being a priest, it helps me to keep that fire burning. And the same goes when I meet lay Catholics who are excited as well. (especially lately!) What can we do to help you stay energized, besides praying a lot?

:-) That would be a great topic for a post...