Friday, February 15, 2008

Forget what mom taught you

when walking in Rome! Don't look before crossing the street, just charge right out there! That takes some getting used to, but the amazing thing is that the drivers all stop. Wow, in the states you'd be plowed!

We're having a great time, enjoying perfect weather and trying to hit all the Churches. I've said Mass at St. Peter in Chains, St Peter Basilica (at the altar where they normally have daily Mass, to the left of the Papal Altar, talk about intimidating!) and this morning at St. Mary Major in the crypt chapel. WOW!

We've yet to hit John Lateran or St. Paul's, but we have three days yet.


Wayne said...

Father, this has nothing to do with your post, but I just wanted to update you on a couple things here at the office! Yesterday went well on Sacred Heart Radio. Though I know I missed saying a few things that should have been said, I believe I made up for them in other things I did say. I just picked up the Traveling Monstrance (even though UPS had lost it for 4 hours yesterday, it arrived at the Cathedral safely) and it will begin its journey as soon as I hear from the Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center about a drop off time. I'm glad things are going well in Rome, but I must admit, I'm looking forward to your return.

Jackie said...

Father Kyle,

Glad you're have a great time - there ARE places in Rome that the cross the street method doesn't work - be careful! And of the gypsies too.

Wayne did a great job on the radio!

Adoro te Devote said...

Being that I live in Minnesota, I didn't hear anything on the radio from your neck of the woods, but I'm glad all seems to be going well in your absence.

And glad that cars in Rome are stopping for you. I can honestly say that not only in the US, but also in Mexico, you'd be plowed over. Especially Mexico City. My friends and I once had to race across the street to beat a line of 6-wide cabs when their light turned green while we were in the middle of the street.

Be safe! Say "Hi" to the Pope and JP2 for me!

TheCrankyProfessor said...


I'm teaching a semester in Rome.* I always tell my students "Don't make eye contact or they'll know you are weak!"

Glad you survived!

*Came across you via Rich Leonardi!

Father Schnippel said...


Funny, we used the 'stare em down and try to intimidate them' method while crossing the street.

We only really jumped once, while crossing above the Colosseum (down from St. Peter in Chains) as we stepped out in a crosswalk and the guy coming down the hill had to jam on the breaks, locking them up in the process. I know enough about vehicle dynamics that trumped any impulse to 'keep walking.' He stopped just before the crosswalk, tho.