Friday, February 1, 2008

Another update

on my Grandmother.

Mom called this morning, after Hospice had called her. Grandma is not doing well, raspy breathing (fluid in her lungs), non-responsive to stimulus, et al. They gave her 48 hours. They tend to know these things.

The worst part is that this is only a part of the strain on my father's family, as there is some other ongoing family drama with my aunt (Dad's sister) and a cousin. They are also in need of some prayers, but I can't divulge any other details, suffice to say it could be hairy over the next week.


adoro said...


Anonymous said...

St. Brigit and St. Blathnat, pray with us for her and for her family. May she be healed by God to continue her life here, or healed to eternal life; and may she know the best of hospitable care and her family's love while she waits at the threshold to learn God's will. In Christ our Lord, Amen.

Father Schnippel said...


Thanks for the prayer. Sadly, I think these are her last days, as the Alzheimer's has taken firm grasp and she is also fighting a pretty serious infection, too.

a thorn in the pew said...

My grandmother died from Alzheimer's and I was fortunate to be there when she passed. For the first time in years she sat right up and looked at me and knew who I was right before she took her last breath. It forever changed me spiritually. She knew who I was again for a brief moment. I will kee your family in my prayers this weekend.

Adoro te Devote said...

In the past couple years, we've lost several people in our family, and when it got to that point, we actually began praying to St. Joseph for a happy death.

Also...if for some reason you get the inspiration to pray Divine Mercy, or some other prayer, even if you don't know why or for whom....DO IT!

A couple years ago that happened to me, and I fought the inspiration. I began praying as I backed out of my garage to leave for work, and learned later that morning that my grandmother had died about five minutes after I got an inspiration to pray Divine Mercy RIGHT NOW.

Her loss was a shock, but I am comforted knowing that God inspires loved ones to pray and be present, even if we don't know what is happening.

You and your family remain in my prayers.

Kat said...


You and yours are in my prayers as well as your grandmother.

Have seen the hairy times when my grandfather passed two years ago... people grieve in the strangest of ways and deaths in the family make people act abnormally. My uncle thought my grandfather wouldn't have died (lung cancer) if he had been in charge of his care. All of you are in my prayers.