Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Priests

Fr. V at Adam's Ale posts on the ordinations in the Diocese of Cleveland over the past weekend, including his newly ordained cousin's first run through of the Institution Narrative.

Yep, that first time, when you realize that the words you are saying are not your words, but His. And by 'His,' I mean 'HIS!' You know Him, Lord and Savior, Creator of the Universe, Son of Mary, Son of God, True God and True Man; yep, that's the one.

Now, for the first time, I say these words aloud for all to hear and He is Present. chills doesn't describe.

Our Ordinands (along with three brothers from the Diocese of Toledo with whom they've spent the last five years of formation with) are currently on their pre-ordination canonical retreat, in silence, in prayer, ready to accept such a wonderous and awesome responsibility. Please pray for them.

As added stress, they were informed of their assignments at the beginning of their retreat. But b/c of the silence necessitated by the environs, the assignments have not yet been made public. That's a stressor. You are all excited about it, and then have to shut it for five days! I would explode.

I'm sure the news will come out shortly, so also pray for the assignments and pastors of these new priests. What a grace filled and joyous time.


Kurt H said...

Somehow, the entire family of at least one of those ordinands knows exactly where he's going for his first assignment. Sounds like you've got a leak!

Anonymous said...

Father - Is the ordination on Saturday open to the public or by invitation only? - Chad.

Father Schnippel said...

Chad, yes it is a public ceremony, but please also give the families a chance to fill in the front.