Saturday, May 2, 2009

Welcome back, Cotter!

Has it really been since Monday that I posted?  What happened?

Well, to say it's been a long week is an understatement.  Four of the last five nights have seen arrivals back here at the Mother Church of later than 11:00 pm.  To say I am tired is an understatement.  They were mostly for work, appointments around the diocese and things.  Good stuff, just lots of it.

To satisfy tastes, Dan posted pics of the Diaconate Ordination at the Seminarian Blog.  Of particular note for me was the way in which Archbishop Schnurr preached to the men being ordained.

I've got a family First Communion tomorrow and our Call of the King Conference at St. Rita's in Dayton tomorrow.  Next week looks to be a bit better.


Connie said...

How do you mange all the new technology? I just got a new Blackberry...upgraded to the Storm...anyway I have a blog (not that I blog much), I pod for pod casts, Facebook, now Twitter....I am also on 4 Marks (a catholic social networking site)'s a little overwhelming!


P.S. Mass was great Friday noon at are so reverent, loved the consecration!

Catholic Teen said...


Thank you for your comment on my blog. I will be contacting the diocese vocations director very soon.

Weird coincidence, I attended a Mass you celebrated at the cathedral just before your AMAZING tenebrae service this year! Words could not describe the beauty of the music/reverance/ and atmosphere. =D

Anyways, I will be contacting the diocese, I believe it's Fr. Derda, who is our V.D. here. A VERY good and holy man. I've been wanting some sort of spiritual guidance, to talk things out with me.

Thank you again- I have already added your blog to mine! And I will be checking in from time to time.

Pax Tibi-

Ed Winkle said...

Balancing work and family is huge challenge. You have a big family!