Friday, May 22, 2009

Five years, already?

Your humble scribe has now been in full service of the Lord for five years.

Yep, just five short years (lifetimes?) ago, I had a short nap in the Cathedral on a gorgeous Saturday morning (with the Cicadas singing along), woke up, had some guy with a pointy hat lay his hands on my head and whammo: Priest Forever.

Talking to a classmate the other day, I can hardly remember what it was like before hand. Maybe that has to do with being in seminary for 8 years, starting at the age of 19, so I was only in school before my life of service to the Church.

Congrats to my seven classmates, as well. 5 are pastors, 3 of us are in specialized ministry: DoV, Hospital Chaplain, and University Chaplain.

Hardly seems possible.

Is it fitting we were ordained on the feast of St. Rita, patron of lost causes?


Fr. Todd J. Petersen said...

Congratulations, and many, many more years of service in the Lord's vineyard!

Adoro said...

Congratulations, Father!

Fr. Geoff in Dayton said...

Coming from the "short-timer" pastor of St. Rita of Cascia in Dayton and as one of the eight ordained priests for Cincinnati five years ago today... I can only speak for myself as far as our class being ordained on the commemoration of the patron saint of lost causes!

But I do know that I did not take a nap at the cathedral that gorgeous Saturday morning five years ago... but considering someone's "attentiveness" in some of our classes at the seminary, known of us were surprised when he dozed off! (Just kidding... kinda!)

Happy fifth anniversary to the ordination class of 2004... still the largest class ordained priests for Cincinnati in thirty years... a record we all hope will be broken in the not too distant future...

Ad multos annos.

Fr. James Reutter said...

I was in that class too.

Those five years have gone by very quickly. (*Much* more quickly than the 6 years in seminary :-) )

I am very much looking forward to concelebrating the ordination Mass of 7 men for our diocese tomorrow. A great sign of hope, as our new brothers join us.

Please pray for all your priests. It is a tremendous privilege and joy to be able to serve as a priest, but also a tremendous responsibility.

With each passing year, I grow in the awareness of how profoundly important holiness in the priesthood is for the life of the entire church.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Father. In March it was 37 for me! God's blessings to you in your Priesthood.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Fr Kyle--boy, 5 years...and not a single hair is grey! ;)

Chris Osgood said...


Did you hear what happened at ToT in Dayton last Thursday?

MJ said...

A few days late - I'm just getting caught up on reading. Congratulations.
I thought St. Jude was the patron of lost causes. When I taught jr high, we used to tell the 7th graders that St. Jude was their patron saint!!

Rich Leonardi said...

God bless you, Father Schnippel; I look forward to your fifty-year reflection.

Anonymous said...

Pray for Tyler Tenbarge from SW Indiana. He has selected the priesthood as his vocation. In five years, he could be in your footsteps.