Saturday, May 30, 2009

More than I knew about Doc

Paul Daugherty in the Cincinnati Enquirer writes about his daughter's graduation:

Jillian Daugherty has always navigated the mysteries of life with both oars in. And now she has docked, temporarily, hopeful and unafraid. Lots of kids will graduate Saturday from high school. It’s a joyous rite of passage, at once an exit and an entrance, a renewed chance at climbing the airy stairs of possibility.

It’s a little different here. The words are the same, but the music is from another corner of heaven.

Jillian, the kid with Down Syndrome, is getting her diploma today. The child who couldn’t learn, has. And now she’ll walk from one life to the next, the unique mathematics of her possibility arranging itself anew.

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Rich Leonardi said...

Paul Daugherty is the best writer in town, and probably one of the Enquirer's all-time greats. I don't always agree with him, but he is a true Cincinnati treasure.

God bless Jillian.