Sunday, June 7, 2009

Anniversaries, Celebrations and a Rogue Cardinal

To start, this morning, as I was sitting at breakfast, I could hear the 8:30 Mass going on, as we have a monitor from the sound system in the kitchen.

Hmm.... who's voice is that?  It wasn't any priest's I recognized.  After Mass, I saw the pastor back upstairs who informed me that Cardinal Keeler was in town to accept an honorary doctorate from Hebrew Union College, and wanted to say Mass.

Dagnabbit, missed my chance to meet a Cardinal!

(Before Mass, Fr. Bramlage was on the front stoop waiting for the Cardinal to arrive, and the security officer asked him what he was doing: "Waiting for a Cardinal."  "You're waiting for a bird?!?")

Yesterday was my anniversary celebration, five years down already.  It was a great time, about 60 friends and family showed.  I was humbled by the turnout, Mass was great, the party was a fantastic time.  I've got several groups of friends, and it was nice to be able to introduce them to one another.

My father was thoroughly enjoying himself, bragging to all in attendance: "32 years old and I finally get to drink on him!"  Reports were, he said it to at least everyone, at least twice, too.  Here's to ya, dad!  "SON!"  (He brags he's the only one who can call Father: Son.  I don't know what he thinks mom calls me.)

My sister claimed it was her anniversary party, as they were married 17 years ago yesterday.  She was happy to drink on her younger brother as well.

Today, the parties continue.  I just finished a baptism, the first child of a couple whose wedding I celebrated one year ago today.  And the child is 3 months old, perfect timing!  As the father said: those prayers for fertility must have really worked!  It was great to catch up with them again, even for a short time.

I'm off for a graduation party this afternoon, son of friends has graduated from high school.

I've got the 6:00 pm Mass today, after which is another gathering, this one called AfterMass, a gathering for Young Adult Catholics in the downtown area.

I'm going to need a break from all these parties, it's nearly a 'Thank God I have to go to work tomorrow.'  Notice, I said 'nearly,' let's not get too crazy here!

I hope to record and podcast the homily a little later today as well.  (but it might have to wait till tomorrow.)


Adoro said...

"You're waiting for a bird?" ROFL! Apparently security wasn't well informed as to what their job was!

Don't tell your dad about all the spiritual mothers out there...he'll be crushed!

Wish I could have been there, sounds like y'all had a blast! Congrats on your 5 years. :-)

jamie said...

Congrats on 5 years, Fr. Kyle. Sounds like you celebrated it up right! (Bet Tania's bummed to have missed her one chance to put it on your tab, as well!)

Anyhow...cheers to many more blessed years in the service of our Lord!

MJ said...

Congrats! Wish I could have been there as well. When are you coming back up this way? St. Sebastian still has room even though they have (as of this week) a new parochial vicar.

Rich Leonardi said...

Our pleasure. We had a blast. My six-year-old daughter's blind-sided tackle of your Elder coach-friend is a personal highlight, as were your father's jokes.