Thursday, June 25, 2009

Catching up on details....

First off, my article on Melchizadek appeared on Catholic Exchange the other day. Thanks to Matt Swaim for helping put this together and to Mary for running the articles at CE, what a great resource for Catholics.

Yesterday was a day of fun in the sun with some of our seminarians and newly ordained priests at Indian Lake, in the northern part of the Archdiocese. While I didn't get out behind the boat to ski, a few of the guys did. But the sunburn on the back of the neck is really aggravated by the collar!

More applications are coming through and the line-up of new men for the Fall continues to hover in the 10-12 range, please pray for all these men.

Hmmm.... a week away from the office and way too many phone calls to return. Yikes!


Anonymous said...

you owe me. as in money.

Jackie said...

Good luck with that Matt!