Thursday, February 13, 2014

Constant Conversion of Heart

Today's readings are a sad state of affairs.

Solomon, despite his wisdom, has fallen from that inner devotion that his father David had and has turned to the false gods worshiped by his many wives. As such, the LORD God will deprive him of his kingdom, rending the united monarchy in two: Judah and Benjamin in the south and the other ten tribes in the Kingdom of Israel in the north.

It is a harsh punishment. But it is a merited punishment. After all, he had asked for, and been given, a wise and prudent heart from God; and while he used it well for many years, he did not nurture that wisdom, he did not nurture that ongoing conversion of heart. Rather than stay true (and/or repent strongly when he fell, as David did), he let the many wives and concubines draw him away from his inner devotion and truth.

The lesson here is not one of 'you must maintain perfection!' Rather, I think the lesson is that ongoing conversion of heart that is called forth in our discipleship of Christ. David sinned, and sinned boldly at that! Yet, he was given the promise of an everlasting kingdom.

Solomon sinned as well. But when confronted, rather than repent, he built altars and shrines to the false gods that his wives and concubines introduced. Hence, his kingdom is rent in two.

Therefore, let us examine our own lives so that we might find those hidden sins (for I am sure Solomon thought he was doing his wives great service) that block us from that true inner devotion to Our Lord. Then, when we find them, let us repent of them, as David did, so that we might continue to grow stronger in Christ.

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