Monday, February 10, 2014

The Glory Cloud takes up residence in the Temple

Today's First Reading continues the story arc of David and now Solomon, today featuring the final conquest of Jerusalem and the Lord taking up his residence there.

Dirty little secret is that even though Jerusalem is the City of David, he never actually conquered the entire city... That was left for his son, Solomon, to complete.

As Jerusalem is taken over completely by the Israelites, to be their capital city and the City of God, in a way, Solomon today brings the Ark of the Lord to the city and to show his love and devotion to the Lord, he undertakes a massive sacrifice before the Lord to mark this monumental occasion.

As the sacrifices were completed, the whole Temple of the Lord is filled with the Glory Cloud as God takes up residence in His new home, in a sense. This is the same Shekina/Glory Cloud that led the people of Israel into the wilderness from Egypt and guided them throughout their journeys into the Promised Land. Now, after countless years of wandering, the people of Israel finally have a permanent home.

How do we adorn our own homes and hearts with the Glory of the Lord as we reflect on that wondrous mystery of the Lord God taking up residence in this palace?

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