Saturday, February 8, 2014

Seek a Wise Heart

In our daily readings, we have turned the page from the exploits of David and now look at the reign of his son, Solomon.

Appropriately, he begins his reign as King of Israel by acknowledging the one True King of Israel: the Lord God, offering a thousand burnt offerings at Gibeon.

That evening, in a dream, the Lord speaks to him, offering him such a unique grace: 'Ask of Me whatever you want...'

So many options present themselves: long life, destruction of enemies, riches, etc. etc. Instead, he asks for an understanding heart so as to aid his leadership of God's Chosen People.

Because he asks for a gift not necessarily for himself, but in service to his people, God does give him all the other things, besides.

If you were given the opportunity, what would you ask for from God? If that dream was presented to you, would you ask for wisdom and understanding? Long life? Career help?

How is God already offering you the answers to the questions that you seek?

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