Friday, January 2, 2009

Correction in the Liturgy of the Hours

For those who use the four volume Liturgy of the Hours, there is a correction that needs to be made.

If you look on page 502, the header for today says 'From January 2 to Epiphany/MONDAY'. If you flip to the end of the Office of Readings on the next page, you'll see the following rubric: "If the day falls on a Sunday, the Te Deum is said."

Hmmm.... When has a Monday ever fallen on a Sunday?

The correction is to scratch out the MONDAY and replace with 'January 2' and follow on the successive days: Tuesday -> January 3; Wednesday -> January 4; etc. It was a mistake in laying out the volume for use in multiple different locales with multiple uses; ie: is Epiphany celebrated on January 6 or on the Sunday following January 1? That's the difficulty and it doesn't always match up right, but for today and tomorrow, we here in the US use the pages marked 'MONDAY' and 'TUESDAY,' with the psalms and canticles from Week I of the psalter, as follows for the week after the Feast of the Holy Family.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you do ! Also, your sense of humor is fun. And, thirdly, I believe you are spot on about vocations. I know the Holy Father wants all dioceses to set up an apostlate for women to pray for priests and vocations, but my diocese doesn't have that yet. However, I do it anyway!

Warren said...

I for one still find the flipping about confusing. I think that a separate little guide, containing the ordinary and all common bits, as a pamphlet would be really handy.

Maybe I shall have to write one.


Adoro said...

Warren, I think they do have that. I know that I have a separate little thing with the psalms for solemnities, but I don't know where it came from, if with the books or seperately. Unfortunately I can't ask the friend who gave these to me as she's in a cloister now! But it was helpful to have that. I also have a seperate laminated sheet with the Invitatory, Morning and Evening Prayer, and the Te Deum.

She might have done that herself, or maybe they were in a seperate guide she took apart and laminated.

Anonymous said...

The booklet you are looking for is called the

2009 Guide for the Liturgy of the Hours which if you google will bring you a place to get it.

Catholic Exchange has it available. Here's the link:

Hope that helps.

MJ said...

I p[ck up the guide at the Catholic bookstore near me. Most Catholic bookstores have them.

Adoro said...

I think Warren was talking about something different...a kind of insert. I don't yet have the 2009 local store was out of them and I didn't get there today (they should have more in now). It REALLY helps to have the guide, though, as I'm finding out.