Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is anyone still following?

So, I realize that this has been sorta quiet since before Christmas. I am still here, just plugging away on numerous things.

The big news is that I am an uncle once again, for the 17th time, this time a niece by name of Quinn Elizabeth, born to my older brother and his wife yesterday morning. Weighing in at 7 lbs, 7 ozs, she must've been in a hurry for Jana was in labor for only 1.5 hours. Luckily, I had an appointment in Sidney yesterday and was able to stop by the hospital to pay a visit, hold her for a bit and give mom and babe a short blessing. I'm honored they've asked me to be Godfather.

Other than that, nothing noteworthy is happening. Next week is Vocation Awareness Week, check out materials here. I've got a slew of presentations and talks and all that fun stuff.

I have an article in this week's Telegraph, so be on the lookout for that in a few days, and the palium trip is being annouced as well.

For those in Cinci, enjoy the snow. My commute was uneventful, except for the guy (I presume) who came flying up on my rear bumper! Thankfully, he didn't hit me.


Anonymous said...

I'm still here. - sean p. tierney

John F. Kennedy said...

I'm still paying attention.

Did you see Sherlock Holmes?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new unclehood!

I'm still here.

Soutenus said...

Congratulations Uncle (again!) and blessings to the newborn!
I am still checking in!

Barb said...

Glad you're back Father! Congratulations on the new niece!

Marta said...

Congratulations! You are so blessed.

Anonymous said...

I am back... been a train-wreck end to the year, but everything is getting back together.

Congratulations on your new niece.

MJ said...

Congrats on the new niece and you as godfather.
Still checking in.