Friday, January 22, 2010

Wishing it were here! is reporting that a prospect in the Oakland A's farm system is 'retiring' (at age 23!) to enter seminary. Prayers for him and all sems!


Greta said...

Just read the Cincinnati magazine article with the dissenting nun Akers being touted as a hero and your comments on the women priest issue. Certainly made you seem hard pressed to give a strong answer as if you really did not agree, but that was the church position.

Father Schnippel said...


That was one of the reasons I wasn't totally enthralled with doing that interview. I don't have the Magazine, and looking online, couldn't find the article.

Suffice it to say, as can be gleaned from reading this site, I do agree with everything the Church teaches.

Father Schnippel said...

Just read the report on Desme at fox news, sounds like he is going with the Norbertine Abbey of St Michael in Silverado/Orange County, California. I've been to the Abbey for retreat, great place. Average age is about 35 for all members. They also recently lost their founding Abbot.