Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another Positive Example

Archbishop Raymond Burke continues to lead by example in St. Louis, once again proving that Vocations to the priesthood and religious life are out there, if they are supported in positive ways.

I liked several things about this article, 1) it was a student led initiative, having taught in a High School for two years, that is the best way to get things done; and 2) the students recognized that to join the club did not necessarily mean that he would go to the seminary or she would go to the convent, but that they were wrestling with the idea.

We had a student that started this past fall and left the seminary after only a few weeks. When I met with him a short time later, he said that he felt like a failure. I tried to reassure him that this was not the case. I am convinced that it is better to explore the option and discern that priesthood isn't for you at this time, but that it hopefully led you to a stronger faith and a deeper commitment to the Lord, which is what every Christian believer needs to do.

I also told him that there was a guy that was in the college seminary for a week several years ago who just wasn't ready for it at the time, but he finished his undergraduate program elsewhere, worked for a few years, and returned to the Major Seminary and is now flourishing in a parish. God works in His own way, you never know where He is going to lead you.

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