Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Mass at St. John Neumann

One of the things I enjoy about being Vocation Director is that I get to go around to various parishes in the Archdiocese to celebrate weekend Masses and preach on Vocations. It is a good opportunity to meet the faithful throughout the diocese and to get them to hopefully think a bit more about vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

It is also neat to see the way that the various parishes celebrate Mass in their own unique way. I spent this weekend at St. John Neumann on the northwest side of Hamilton County. The generosity of the parish really struck me. In their bulletin, they noted that they give 5% of each collection to charity, what a wonderful witness. This weekend was also the return of gifts for a sister parish or a school, I didn't hear exactly what it was. The amount of gifts brought in was staggering. Nearly every family brought in at least a few gifts, many bringing in a good stack of packages. That type of generosity can help to foster that gift of self that is required for someone to respond to the gift of a vocation.

Yikes! Only two weeks left until Christmas!

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