Friday, December 29, 2006

Getting the hands dirty

I've spent the last few Fridays working on the Mazda, as it needed new brakes and a foglamp went out earlier this week. After spending the week in the office, it is fun to get the hands all greasy once in while. It is a good to every once in a while to see a project through to completion and feel like you've accomplished something worthwhile.

Also, I am reminded of John Paul's dignity of work, where he learned a great deal about the dignity of the human person by working in the quarry during the Great War (admitedly, a bit more daunting of a task than changing rear brakes on a hatchback!) I am always amazed at the creativity of fabricators, such as Monster Garage and American Chopper. The ability to make something out of a blank sheet of steel is great.

Yesterday was funny, though, as I was in full blacks as I was coming back from a funeral, and stopped at Advance Auto Parts to get a new lightbulb for the car, I admitted that it was a pain to change, the guy behind me offered to help. I certainly appreciated it.

And the good news: Bowl Week! I'm looking forward to the Bucks choking the Gators!


Rich Leonardi said...

During my early twenties, I meandered over toward a friend working frantically to repair the van owned by our rock group. I shrugged, tried to think of something helpful to say, and offered, "Maybe it's the oil housing." And that was the last time I got involved with the repair of an automobile.

Father Kyle said...


Sometime it is best to know your limits, eh? I think brakes and changing lights are the limits I have for cars, but it was fun nonetheless!