Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back from Sidney

We had our first Andrew Dinner in the Archdiocese tonight in Sidney, Ohio; 92 miles north of the Ohio River.

We were hoping for a crowd of about 20, but they were planning 50 for dinner.

Good thing!  We had 33 young men, plus 6 priests, and a few other chaperones, a seminarian and an Archbishop.

What's better, they were all good solid men, all would make good priests, if Our Lord calls them to it.  Who knows how many will get there, but they are at least contemplating it.

Pray for them!

(Now I need to figure out how to get my phone out of Archbishop's car!)


Fr. Ed said...

you left your cell phone in the Archbishop's car??

Anonymous said...

why did I immediately worry about your "ring tone" and then just as quickly have the urge to call your cell if I had the number... hehehe

Church Mouse

Anonymous said...

oh and so wonderful about the number of young men open to a vocation to the priesthood.. prayers!

See you Sunday with all four boys in tow..

Church Mouse

Anonymous said...


Is being a pack rat in your own car not enough, now you feel the need to have the Archbishop's car look like yours? Poor guy is getting to see first hand how you live! There goes your status!!! Like I told you before I still have a hard time imagining you riding in the same car with the Archbishop! You have come a long way from our fights at home!!!
Love ya, Tania

Anonymous said...

I agree with your sister, not about you being a pack rat but about driving in the car with the Archbishop--what do you guys talk about?? Sports? Homilies? The economy? Confessional stories?


Kurt H said...

I take it that an Andrew Dinner is some kind of "come and see" event for young men considering a vocation to the priesthood? This is the first time I've ever heard of it. Does it get it's name because Andrew told his brother Simon about Jesus, or is there some other significance?

It's heartening to hear that you had so many respond from my home town (I was born and raised in Sidney).