Thursday, April 23, 2009

What is an 'Andrew Dinner'?

In the previous thread, Kurt H asked the question: What is an Andrew Dinner?

Yes, it is named after St. Andrew, who, in the Gospel according to John, brought his brother Simon Peter to meet Jesus. It is an opportunity for priests and pastors to invite young men from their parish and/or assignments to meet with the Archbishop, to have dinner with him, and to hear a bit about the possibility of the priesthood.

This was something that Archbishop Schnurr began (to great success) in Duluth and wanted to get it going here.

Last night, we had 33 young men from the northern parts of the Archdiocese: Sidney, Piqua, Russia, New Bremen, Coldwater, Botkins, Anna, Wapak, and I know there are more; gathered to meet the Archbishop and hear a short presentation by Dan Hess on seminary life.

With our first time effort, there are certainly kinks to work out, but it was successful nonetheless. We are planning five or so across the diocese in the Fall, so we shall see what comes. As always, prayers of the faithful help more than anything!

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Father Martin Fox said...


Sorry I couldn't stay, but I had a meeting with a couple preparing for marriage until 5:30, and a Bible study at 7 -- just enough time to jet up and sit with y'all a bit.

A couple of my guys said they'd be there, I'm going to get on them!

But it was great, very impressive turnout, and it was nice meeting Archbishop Schnurr as well!