Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Into Grand Silence

It's not on purpose, just lots going on in the Vocation Office:

Tomorrow: 8:30 pm Liturgy on Tap at Champion's on Crookshank off Glenway
Thursday and Friday: Visit to the PCJ to visit our College Sems (with Archbishop Schnurr)
Saturday: wedding in Sidney
Sunday: Cast Your Nets in New Bremen
Theology on Tap, Cincinnati starts next week
the following Sunday (April 26) is the next Call of the King Conference at the Holy Spirit Center
It repeats the next week at St. Rita's in Dayton

I've got a few weddings coming up as well.

And taxes, did I mention taxes?  rats!


Anonymous said...

We've been missing ya but totally understand--a priests' job is never done! ---AMY

Kurt H said...

Theology on Tap I've heard of, but I'm not familiar with Liturgy on Tap. This doesn't involve a sacramental celebration at a bar, does it?

Putting of taxes 'til the last minute, Padre? I did mine last week! No child tax credit for you (I should hope)!

Father Schnippel said...

'Liturgy on Tap' is the same thing, roughly as 'Theology on Tap' just not using the name for copyright reasons.

And nope, no 'child tax credit' for me, :(

got them filed this morning.

Kurt H said...

So, somewhere along the line, the lawyers got involved, and you can't just call any Catholic lecture at a bar Theology on Tap without buying into the program? Who owns it? I googled it and didn't come up with anything clear, other than the RENEW version. And doesn't that mean that you should put a (c) or (R) symbol after the name?

God save us from the lawyers!

BTW, calling it Liturgy on Tap kind of implies a liturgy - a defined rite of some sort. You might consider coming up with some other alternate name, lest a lawyer show up and charge you with false advertising.

Father Schnippel said...

Theology on Tap is copyrighted by Renew International, hence the fee. The Archdiocese has a license, but it was easier to call it something else. I didn't come up with the name, regardless.