Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Strangest of Days

Holy Saturday is the strangest of days for me as a priest.  I am used to pretty non-stop activity, even here at the Cathedral, there is usually always something happening.

Until today.  It is quiet.  The normal bustle is replaced by the peaceful watching, waiting for the great blast at the Easter Vigil.

What happens at parishes on Holy Saturday: most are decorating for the Vigil, setting up the flowers, training of servers, polishing things up to look good for tomorrow.

But it is still quiet.  When I was out at a normal parish, this day was strange, I tell you.  Normally on a Saturday, the ball fields were bustling from early until the late afternoon Mass.

Not on this day.

I would love to offer a 'Day of Reflection,' especially for Catechumens, but open to anyone in the parish.  Sadly, we don't have anyone this year here at the Cathedral.

I would love to have the chance to reflect on the unique nature of this day with the parishioners.  I guess it is a project for when I get my own parish.

Until then, read this, an anonymous homily from Holy Saturday, which says it better than ever I could.


Anonymous said...

How appropriate to "watching and waiting" on Holy Saturday.

If I've been reading your posts correctly you are buds with Fr. Bedel (Holy Angles). On Holy Thursday, during communion, Erin somehow tripped and fell right on his leg/feet. Thankfully, Father was stable enough and didn't drop the ciborium.
Yup, Erin likes to make sure that eveyone knows she's there!!!

Hope you have a fabulous Easter--AMY

Anonymous said...

Training servers on Holy Saturday? Hey - I wish more parishes did that! On Holy Saturday I praccticed the Exsultet while the sacristan fiddled with switches to see if we could have the ambo mic on but no lights. No good - we had to settle for two lights. Still, the Candle did its job well.