Monday, April 27, 2009

This is gettting interesting!

Rocco reports that Harvard Law Professor Mary Ann Glendon (aka God's Lawyer) has refused the Laetare Medal from Notre Dame, which she was to receive prior to President Obama's speech!


(She posted an open letter on the First Things site, which has since crashed. Demand? Secret CIA Operatives?)

UPDATE: American Papist has the text of the letter.

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Anonymous said...

I see her point but I also see the great ND point about honoring him because he is president, not becuase he is an idiot. Anyway it's still a great school and you should see Jake's cast the first thing he did was have Ash draw an interlocking ND on it. We're still Irish fans, there's nothing like being on campus there, even if Fr. Jenkins is out of his mind. According to Nick she has no right to judge ND, she teaches at Harvard there about as liberal as you can get.