Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gone, again!?!?

Yes, it's true.  I am once again leaving the friendly confines of the Mother Church of the Queen City to take my show on the road.  This time, purely for work.  I'll be visiting our college seminarians at the Josephinum today and tomorrow and hitting the recruiting trail afterwards in Steubenville.  Try to keep the peace in my absence!


Lillian Marie said...

The Josephinum ... my home town!!! It's a beautiful campus ... and beautiful architecture!

Enjoy Columbus!!!

Steubenville - also an amazing town!

Have a safe trip.

Lillian Marie said...

Try to keep the peace in my absence!

Adoro, MJ, CK ... I believe this is WIDE open! *grin*

Anonymous said...

Father....you're LEAVING THE CHURCH!???? What HAPPENED?!

And here I thought you'd never go schizmatic or apostasize....

Anonymous said...

It was those rainbow chasubles!
Now I bet he'll change to Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops for breakfast.

Don't do it! Stop!

Lillian Marie said...

Leaving the Church??? Say it isn't so!

I know you like to travel, Father, but isn't being one of those Traveling Pastors taking it a bit too far? Who knows what you will find out there!

Or are you planning on being a Padre for all of those yung'uns on the college campuses? You know, if you want to study, I'm sure your Pastor will give you a lot to study about. You don't have to leave to do it.

MJ said...

Finally home from school and I find out you're going to be a traveling pastor! Will you be selling snake oil? What did they do to you in Denver?

Anonymous said...

I think we need to knock some sense into him - good at boxing? LM

Adoro said...

I really think the bigger deal is that HE IS LEAVING THE CHURCH!!!!

We have to save him! Where is he?

Where's Jackie...she's closest...!

uncle jim said...

it may already be too late

he'll be heretical for sure after stuby u [well, some people are really strange down there]

as for the joe, a really cool place

i like the fish place across the road

MJ said...

He's not in Kansas anymore!! Where's Toto?

Anonymous said...

He's lost! Lost his mind and his way. Where's garmin when you need him? Do you think we can use gps? We can link to the satellite to find him - I'm sure we can see his reflection from space... LM

Anonymous said...

If he's leaving the Church where will he go? What will he become? Do you think he would be so crazy as to create his own church? (???)

Oh no... no ... NO!

He's going to Bald Mountain to set up his own church.

We must stop him!

Jackie - help!

MJ said...

LM of course we could see his reflection from space, the light would bounce off of his head!!

Anonymous said...

But would it be a 'beacon of hope'???

or just signal the martians to come down & invade earth?

Anonymous said...

Since he said he is travelling - Maybe he's writing a new book -

'Brotherhood of the Traveling Cassocks?'

wonder what kind of Trouble they'll get into?

MJ said...

With him as their leader, PLENTY of trouble!!

Father Schnippel said...

glad y'all are enjoying yourselves!

Anonymous said...


NOT TO WORRY!! He has been found! He has decided to stay in the Church and keep his 'day job'.

He's apparently feeling pretty good because his appetite is JUST FINE!!

He will be back on the road again tomorrow and back in the Queen City by Sunday - so the comment box for 'busting' looks to still be available!