Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Grandpa turned 91 years of age just two weeks ago, and he and Grandma had celebrated their 63rd year together at the start of the summer.  He certainly lived a full and mostly active life, just slowing down over the last few years.

He was never one to meet a stranger.  Whenever a new 'significant other' was introduced at a family party, Grandpa would sidle up alongside, an unsuspecting target for his extenxive array of slightly off color jokes had arrived.  He couldn't wait for the next family get together to share a new joke he picked up somewhere along the way.

Playing cards was certainly his favorite pasttime.  In fact, he (and grandma) had a different game they played with each family.  I think with my folks it was Euchre; Pinochle, Spades and even Canasta were also particular favorites.  Over these last years, visiting the farm during the daytime hours would find he and grandma both playing solitaire at opposite ends of the kitchen table.

As he died on Veteran's Day, a small remark deserves to be made.  He signed up for the Army in World War II, but was medically deferred.  Guess he showed them!  (He had bad knees.)

He was never one to travel much, he lived his entire life between two neighboring farms on the same street out in the country.  Grandma said they went down to Texas once or twice to visit my Aunt and Uncle (their oldest) when they lived there.  I can also remember that they were taken to Chicago to visit the same family within the last five years.  He was never comfortable outside of his home, so they generally stayed home.  "The farm needed taken care of, anyways."

He was a good man and a very generous heart.  He is survived by his wife Viola, his six children, 22 grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren.  I know he was very proud of his family and the many various things we have all done and become.  I like to think it was at least party because of the great example that he was to all of us: not flashy, quick with a smile, and just plugged away day after day.

May the saints and angels lead you into Paradise!

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Chris Osgood said...

I'm sorry to hear that he has passed away. He along with the rest of your family will be in my prayers!