Saturday, November 29, 2008

The kids are going hungry tonight!

This morning, my dad, brother, a brother-in-law and I went Sport Clay shooting. For those unfamiliar with Sport Clays, its shooting after little clay pigeons, rabbits, sparrows, et al, set up in stations throughout a woods or a field.

While it was a great to spend time with the family; but as poorly as we shot, all the kids are starving tonight!

The good news, I beat my brother!


Anonymous said...

Now Father, that sounded a tiny bit like gloating - about your brother.

And luckily, the women have already gone to the store - so you won't have to listen to the hungry children crying!

BTW - isn't there a big event in your life coming up this week? Hmmm - maybe on Thursday?

Adoro said...

Well, Father, maybe you should have had me around (or Jackie, I suspect) to show you how it's done!

OK, seriously, I never shot at anything other than paper silhouettes and FATS training (real life scenarios that measure where your rounds went), etc. Sounds like it would have been fun, in any case.

So...what's the big event? We already passed your ordination anniversary. Birthday?

Something else?

MJ said...

So Jackie, is it birthday? We need to be prepared!

Anonymous said...

Well, ladies - I do live closer and therefore it could be dangerous for me to be too direct. However, let me just say - this DOES include candles - 32 of them - and singing and cakes. But remember - I DIDN'T tell!

Adoro said...

Oh my goodness...I feel so old.

NO didn't say ANYTHING!

uncle jim said...

i did that sport clays thing once - hit a few, too ...

me thinks it might be fun for us all to do next time together -

and i want to wish whoever a happy whatever