Thursday, December 4, 2008

32 years ago today....

I made my auspicious entrance into the world, but the story is quite fun.

My poor mother was on bed rest during most the pregnancy with complications, don't really know what they all were, but since she wasn't allowed to pick up my sister, Tania still hasn't forgiven me!  Well, what was bed rest turned to panic as labor pains started nearly two months early!  YIKES!  Dad rushed mom to the Hospital, while grandparents watched the other four at home.

They hit the neo-natal unit, or whatever it's called, and you know one of those Oh, S**T moments that dawns on someone's face, ummm.... The nurse was trying to read the baby's heartbeat with a stethascope, when all of a sudden her face panics and looks at my mom: "I think I hear two heart beats!"  The Doctor looks at her: "What?!?!  Give me that!"  After a few seconds, his face does the same utter transformation.  "We got issues here, people!"

They were able to slow down mom's progression and get things quiet for the night, so dad headed home.  Unbeknowst to him, however, the parking lot had iced over and he fell getting into the car!  Oi!

Well, to make matters worse, my older brother had a propensity to run through the house and trip and fall into those old, huge, cast iron heaters that sat beside doors and such, busting his head open.  Yep, managed to do that the next morning!

So, dad's back at the hospital with mom, bro's upstairs getting his head stitched together and mom's in the OR for a C-Section.  What a grand and glorious day it was!  They ripped me from the comforts of the womb first and sure enough my twin bro showed shortly afterwards.  (We always contend that they named us backwards, but that's beside the point.)

Dad managed to call his in-laws, and reported: "Mom and the boys are doing fine."  "Boys, plural?"  "Oh, yeah, sorry, didn't get a chance to call, we had twins!"  Yep, dad's life was effectively over at that point!

The nurse's felt so bad for mom, because we were so small, she couldn't hold us (I was in intensive care at the time), plus her other son was upstairs; they went against doctor's wishes and took mom up to see Keith.

Well, 20 days later, they finally brought us home and put us where else?  Under the Christmas Tree!  (Tania was, and still is, looking for the gift exchange on that one!)

 Mom and dad left the ankle bracelets on till they could tell us apart, which for dad was somewhere around our 18th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Kurt!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kurt and Kyle. The story was a little jumbled you told but fairly accurate. You missed the point that both you and Kurt were both in incubators due to your little size. But we will forgive you as you were quite small and probably don't remember.

Lots of Love to Both You


Adoro said...

That's a great story, and happy birthday to you both!

So....are you the babies of the family?

Anonymous said...


We always contend that they named us backwards


Happy Birthday Elyk & Truk!!!

The Digital Hairshirt said...

Feliz cumpleanos!

Adoro said...


Kasia said...

Happy birthday, Father! (And happy birthday, Father's brother -- Uncle?)

Chris Osgood said...

Happy birthday Fr. Kyle and Kurt!

Your just lucky they didn't take a video of the birth and name it the great escape, then tell you to watch the great escape when you get older. (I didn't have to do that, but it would be a great thing to do if you want people to be chaste).

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Father!

Anonymous said...

I loved it--"Didn't I tell you, we had twins." Your dad must have been in shock!!

I thought that your bro looked a lot like you the other Sunday @ church--that would explain!

Rich Leonardi said...

Happy Birthday. The secret twins detail is too funny. Can you imagine something like that happening in our current era of ubiquitous ultrasounds? It might prompt a lawsuit.

Father Schnippel said...

Wife and mother:

That was my older brother, he who had the habit of bouncing of radiators, the twin bro lives in Iowa.

Anonymous said...


Yea, my life will never be the same and you and Kurt will always be my excuse in life!!! Oh well, at least growing up between three boys allowed me to pretty much fly under the radar with mom and dad!!!

I love the part about it taking dad 18 years to tell you apart. I can still hear him yelling, "Kurt, Kyle, Keith" when he was mad so that way he knew he would get it right one way or another!

Enjoy your day!

MJ said...

Happy Birthday!! What a great story!
The night we went to the hospital to have my oldest, my husband had hurt his knee playing basketball with his buddies. The nurse comes running out of the door with a wheelchair and stops dead in her tracks looking at me then at my husband hobbling on crutches.
Hope you have a great day.

Emily Macke said...

Happy birthday, Fr. Kyle! Now I recall hearing your Mom surprise you on SHR last year. You always have great media-savvy ways of allowing the world to wish you a happy birthday. Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Father. Hope you had a FABULOUS day today!

Emily - I agree - Father Kyle is always working on different ways to celebrate his birthday. Gosh - and getting you Mom to sing to you on the radio - that's hard to top - isn't it?

Again - HAPPY Birthday!

Banshee said...

Happy birthday! And many happy returns of the day, though not returns of the babies! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!! I hope you had a great day!

Barb said...

I hope you had a great birthday Father!! God bless..