Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ok, I'll drop the birthday post!

Since I am starting to get flack about leaving the birthday post up, I have to add something.

Let's just say it was an absolutely fabulous weekend.

Friday, I spent the day 'Up North' with confessions at Sidney Holy Angels for the grade school kids, a class presentation at Lehman High School, and the afternoon at mom and dad's before dinner with them.

Saturday was a John Vianney day: 8:00 Mass and confessions at Holy Name, Mount Auburn as part of the Helpers of God's Precious Infants; 11:30 Mass and more confessions at the Cathedral; and a confession spot at Our Lady of Victory in the afternoon as well. Went to dinner with a priest from the Cathedral, hit the sack about 9:00; whoo hoo, the party life of a priest!

Sunday involved a drive to Fairborn for Mass at Wright State and then a Bonzai run back to the Cathedral for our little gathering of welcome for Archbishop Schnurr (who has apparently read this site! YIKES!) The reception afterwards was very nice, saw many friends I hadn't seen in quite a while, too. dinner afterwards with a friend and commentator here was good.

Monday, Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Originally, I was scheduled for the early shift at the Cathedral, but another priest had to switch with the late Mass; then the pastor approached: 'do you have a Mass elsewhere today?" Yes, Candidacy at the Seminary. "Good, I'm taking the late Mass then." (he said it a bit more diplomatic than that, actually.) So, I ventured through more ice to the seminary for Candidacy Mass with three seminarians (two Toledo guys and one Cincinnati), presided over by Archbishop Schnurr. As is consistent with Masses at the Cathedral and Seminary, beautiful and solemn without being flashy or gaudy. The afternoon saw some shopping (majorly broke now!) and an evening meeting.

Today, back at work, alas.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the birthday post is down - I thought you were going to celebrate all month!

Thank goodness you are back at work in the office. The roads are safer now!

Adoro said...

Wow, what a life you lead. Must be rough!

I wanna be a priest!

(( KIDDING! ))))

Roads are awful awful here, leaving for work in a moment with many prayers. Glad they're better there.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, I thought the same thing about your birthday! I have to admit, I like to extend my birthday celebration all weekend long--I figure that way the kids have to be nice to me for more than one day! ;)

That was a busy weekend--you are quit the party animal!

BTW: Holy Angels in Sidney is our (husband and my) home parish. I bet they really enjoyed having you for the day.

Anonymous said...

Father Kyle Schnippel, the only person in Ohio that can stretch a 4 hour a week job into 40 hours!

Kidding, bro. Looks like Mom and Dad are coming out this weekend. Should be good. We got more snow today, so enjoy the warmth, the cold is on its way!

Father Schnippel said...

it takes talent, brother! Enjoy the Rents!

LargeBill said...

You got to visit Holy Angels? Cool. My wife is from Sidney and we were married at Holy Angels. Beautiful church.