Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Top Ten Catholics of 2008 meme

The incomparable Matt Swaim at the SonRise Morning Show tagged me for a meme on 'Top Ten' Catholics of 2009. Oy, vey! I hardly know ten people! But alas, I'll give it a shot:

Papa Benedetto! An easy choice, really. His time on the Chair of Peter seems to suit him fine. He looks younger and more energized than when he started, and has emerged from the enormous shadow of his beloved predecessor to shine in his own light and his own way. Viva il Papa!

Archbishop Dennis Schnurr Ok, a little brownnosing never hurt anyone! In his short time here in Cincinnati, I've had two chances to sit down and talk with him, once in a one on one, last night with the vocation advisory board. Both times, I have come away feeling very energized about the future of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Jaime S I had heard about this crazy woman who had a literal van load of children for some time, as she is friends with my sister. Having now been in email contact and recently met her in person, she is an embodiment of the joy that comes from following Christ and his Church in complete trust.

Matt Swaim The rise of Catholic Media, with a local face. Matt is paradigmatic of the young JPII Catholics who are engaged with the modern world, yet still call the world to conversion. It has been a joy working with Matt and the entire staff at Sacred Heart Radio over the last year, plus.

(how many is that, only four?!?!)

Fr. Richard John Neuhaus Convert, priest, scholar. His recent disclosure of cancer warrents a 'storming of heaven.' I enjoy his writing for his scholarship, but also his wit.

Seminarians, near and far The best recruiters of priests are happy priests. These future priests will be excellent recruiters in the near future. It is an honor and privelidge to work with our seminarians.

Anne Straus A new friend this year, it was her idea to begin the Prayer Warriors movement here in Cincinnati. She certainly took a risk in coming forward to suggest a new idea, but it has already started to bear fruit. One person can make a difference.

There are many other friends whom I could list, but I'll let it go at this, and keep three in pectore.


Adoro said...

Oh, and here I was hoping to see Fr. V., or Kay...or me. * sigh *

OK, seriously, great list.

Anonymous said...

Dude. I'm totally a B16 Catholic.

Thanks for the nod. GREAT LIST.

by the way, my word verification for this comment is possibly the greatest of all time: GRACEBAR.

jamie said...

I am humbled. And concerned. Surely your circle includes more deserving nominees...I check Adoro's blog now and then. I agree with her that she should be on your list...perhaps in the unmentioned 3? ;')

oh, and Matt, my word verification was "hella". yikes.

Adoro said...

Jamie ~ NOPE! You deserve to be on that list! Father says so!

(Father knows best...) :-)

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Hella? They make some great devices that would look great on the new Schnipp-mobile.