Thursday, March 8, 2007

I LOVE my mother

Ok, so I am always getting a rough time of it that I am too mean to my mother. I know that whole honor your mother and father thing, and, well, with dad; not too difficult.

But mom, on the other hand..... This is the stuff she emails me:

You know as I am looking at the calendar and also sitting in church this morning it struck me. Kyle gets to wear PINK in just a few weeks again. Just thought I would pass that on in case.

Like I said, love ya mom! grrrrr

At least she doesn't just get me, though. She was trying to teach Keaton, her grandson, to say: "Are we there, yet?" as my brother Keith and his wife Jana drive out to Iowa to visit the twin.

We have the best mom ever! (anyone want to trade?)


Jackie said...

Dear Fr. Kyle,

At your young tender age, you are just now coming face to face with the reality of 'alien mother-abduction' (AMA - and you thought that stood for the American Medical Association! - Wrong!) Without biological children, this situation is a bit harder to spot - but it's STILL there.

Let me define AMA with some situations - the woman that would have ripped your arm out in public for a particular behavior and beaten you over the head with it - looks at her grandchild doing it, smiles and says "Isn't that cute!" When this happens - you know it's AMA.

The woman that MADE you go to school (when you were, REALLY, an inch from death) looks at you and says "Don't be too tough on him/her!" AMA!

The woman that had you and your sister cleaning the ENTIRE house by the time you were in the 5th or 6th grade, serves her grandchildren breakfast in bed when they spend the night and says "Well, it's a special event - they're spending the night with the grandmother and I wanted them to enjoy themselves!" Yep, you guessed it - AMA!!

So - Fr. the best that I can tell you is to do like the rest of us - grit your teeth and periodically, at these sorts of moments, look at her and address the Alien - 'I know you abducted her - where is the woman that raised me?'

Hope that helps. Lastly, however, the whole PINK think - well - have to tell you - it is that other Sunday of the year that we get to see you all in PINK (oops - I know - ROSE !!) Vestments.

Anonymous said...

Kyle, I actually do love you. You are just to easy and to much fun to pick on.

Lots of love,

Father Kyle said...

Like I said, "Anyone want to trade mothers?"

Jackie, this is definitely an alien posing as my mother. First off, she was actually able to use the computer. Put I had to help her to do so. There are many other ways that my mother is no longer on this earth and has been replaced by some crazy woman who only looks like my mother.

Love ya back, Mom!

Jackie said...

Dear Mrs. Schnippel,

I do completely agree with you - it is easy and fun to pick on him. He does, however, return the favor!!