Monday, March 26, 2007

Where's the Real NYTimes?

The Times? What's wrong? They are actually printing something favorable about a religious person?

I have had the pleasure of meeting Fr. Benedict several times: two visits to Mount St. Mary's Seminary here in Cincinnati and my recent retreat at Trinity House in Larchmont, NY. He has slowed since his accident, but he keeps that 'Jersey Boy' wit and sarcastic humor. His prayerfulness and spirituality shine through everything that he does, as does his humility. He truly gives of himself and is daily living the life of the Cross.

It is a pleasure to have some of his Friars as friends, Fr. Glen Sudano whom I met this past weekend, and Fr. Luke Fletcher, their Vocation Director. Plus, Br. Ignatius who is recently professed. They are all wonderful, holy men; it is no surprise their order is growing so dramatically.

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Rich Leonardi said...

His energy level is amazing, when you consider his age and the impact of the accident. I was once told the Times refused to run several of his letters to the editor. It looks like they finally gave him his due.