Monday, March 26, 2007

A review from the Weekend

Monday, which means I have to go back to the office :(

The weekend was great, but exhausting.

Friday evening and most of Saturday at the Seminary were great. We had nine guys show up for at least part of the weekend. Some are already pretty definite for next year, some are maybe for next year or the year after. Please keep these nine men in your prayers. There is a desire among the faithful to serve God in a radical way in the priesthood, it is not dead yet! The men feeling the call need your help and support, don't be afraid to mention to someone that he might make a good priest or that she would be a wonderful sister, that is often the first stirrings of an awakening to a religious vocation.

After the Welcome Weekend at the Seminary was over, it was off to Moeller High School for Cincinnati 2000 Retreat. Considering a week before the retreat we had 20 registrants and ended up having over 300 young people (425 total), I think the weekend was a success. The talks that I heard were very good (I'm partial to the last talk, the Call to Vocation, but I'm biased!) These young people have a vitality of faith that is inspiring! We hear so much dirt about the youth of today, but they really are longing to be challenged to something more. Give them that challenge!

Well, it is almost 9:00, I better get to the office, ho hum.

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