Friday, March 23, 2007

Is anyone left?

UPDATE: Title, supposed to proofread these things before posting

Well, after a now nearly two week (or has it been three?) absence, does anyone still read this thing?

In that time frame, I've had one evening free, I think. It has been constant motion and stuff happening. Wow, am I getting to the point exhaustion, I can't wait to get out to Iowa next weekend to kick it back with the Twin, his beautiful bride, and the girl.

Keep in prayer, if you could:

The ten or so guys who will be on a Welcome Weekend at Mount St. Mary's Seminary this weekend. Some are already committed for next year, some in a year or two, some I haven't even met yet. It looks like we'll have to keep the place open for a few more years, yet.

Also, the youth at Cincinnati2000 at Moeller High School. At last count, I think we have around 300 coming, with still more room available. If you know a high schooler who isn't busy this weekend, bring em along!

Oh, and pray for me, too! I am interviewing the candidates for the Associate Vocation Director right now as well, four down, three to go. All so far would make good fits, each has their own gifts, I just need to discern who to go with at this point.

UPDATE2: There are eight men here at Mount St. Mary's for the weekend, all good guys. Please keep them in prayer.


Anonymous said...

I'm still here but I was beginning to wonder if you were!

kelly benjey said...

I check in ever time I log in... but that is only every few days or so.

Obviously different things keep me from the computer than do you :-)

Father of Five said...

I feel blessed that I can share your thoughts and such via your blog. Good to read that you're back!

While vocations is always one of my prayer petitions, I think reading your blog helps me to know what specifics to pray for.
Joe K