Thursday, August 21, 2008


A friend sends along a story that is just too good not to post, names changed to protect the guilty.

St. Cunegunda Parish in Kennebunkport, Alaska used to be an CFG (Congregation of Fun Guys) mission. It was staffed by CFG priests for a number of decades until the last pastor - Fr. X - a good, holy priest who was a diocesan priest. But, as we know, even good, holy priests have their 'opportunity areas.'

However, Fr. M, an elderly, CFG priest was still in residence and had a stroke. He couldn't take care of himself but didn't want to leave. So a woman from the parish who, along with her husband, had become friends with Fr. X, and took care of him for a number of weeks at the rectory. You know - feeding him, washing him, dressing him - etc.

Well, she was there doing this Christian work and had parked her car in the carport - the normal spot of Fr. X. Fr. X came home and blew the horn. She came out of the the house, not pleased and moved the car. But, she went to him and said, 'You know how you say the truth is the truth is the truth? Well, the truth is that you could have walked 10 feet and told me you were back and I could have moved my car. The truth is that was exceedingly rude!'

Fr. X said 'I've never had a woman speak to me that way in my entire life.'

She replied - 'The truth is you could never be married because if you were my husband, I would have had my foot so far up your ass that you couldn't breath.'

I believe this is called Lay Ministry to our priests!!

What do you all think?


Adoro said...

Wow. I'm not sure I would have used THOSE exact words...even to you!

Although she had a point!

Anonymous said...

well, I just think it's a HOOT! And then, to place in the category of "Lay Ministry!" hahahah!

Thanks for the chuckle!

Anonymous said...

How do you conclude this as "Lay Ministry"? How insulting!!! and demeaning to lay ministers.

Kat said...

Well, I have known some Fathers who could use more then one good swift kick in the butt and a roll of duck tape for their mouths because they were a little loosy goosey with confidential information.

adoro said...

Priests aren't perfect, and they NEED people around them who aren't afraid to point that out to them.

Although, that correction shouldn't cross certain boundaries.

Anonymous said...

I do understand the concern of some of those who have commented. Depending on the variables, they aforementioned conversation COULD be disrespectful and not appropriate. HOWEVER, it is a pastor's TRUE FRIEND who will chew his hiney when he needs it. In our little neck of the woods there is NO ONE to whom our pastor can look to for this severe mercy. We all need it. Some are called to do it in harsher ways than others. As I remember St. Paul (& Jesus) chewed some hiney as well. No one is immune from this just depends on the personalities involved as to how it is done.

Anonymous said...

I'm adding a P.S. to my above posted comment, but before I do I want to tell you that I am an orthodox/REAL #1 (see a previous article of Fr. Kyle's about the numbering system, totally respectful of Mother Church and her priest sons.
Now: It will NEVER be acceptable for a young man to sit in our driveway and blow his horn for our daughter to come outside. If one does attempt this type of degrading behavior, rest assured he will be corrected....just as the woman (who was taking care of the elderly priest)did to Fr. X. IF Fr. X had had the humility to recognize his rude behavior and apologize all would have ended well. It was his arrogance that prompted the further remarks. It is NOT ok for ANY priest (or any one) to treat others with arrogant disrespect. It is unacceptable for a holy priest to do this and receive NO correction. Sometimes arrogance insists upon harshness. Again, the relationship between the parties plays a part in this. Perhaps if we had more courageous lay people LOVING our priests enough to actually help them walk the walk that they preach...then our Church wouldn't be so broken today. Ok, I'm really done now.