Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My First Parish Home

There must be something in the water there, as the fifth man in the last 20 years is entering the seminary this fall. (Of the previous four, two are ordained and two did not complete formation, but still tried.)

The bell tower was demolished and a steel tripod design erected on the south side of the Church (left edge of this picture.) In the article, a statue of Mary is mentioned, and Our Lady of Fatima continues to adorn the center of the Facade. Oh, and the school building to the left, which you can just glimpse, was demolished in the mid 1980's and replaced with a parking lot. This was one of those 'public schools' which was run by the sisters back in the day. Mom and dad both attended and were taught by the Sisters of the Precious Blood. Dad still has scars.

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Pam (Goettemoeller) Kaiser said...

Ahhh.....Ward School!!!! No nuns for me, but I bet we shared some of the same teachers and could have some fun stories!

Thanks for the beautiful surprise to log into today!