Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm done

NFL allegiance up for grabs.

I don't know what took me so long.


LM said...

So does that mean you're going to be 'brown' instead of 'orange'???? *grin*

Adoro te Devote said...

You could become a Vikings fan...after all, Randy Moss is gone.

My guess is that the Bengals situation would be, to us, if Moss came back to the Viks.

Kat said...


All I am saying.... they are the best team ever.

LargeBill said...

Stay in state and root for the team up North. Go Browns!

Father Schnippel said...

Rooting for the 'Clowns' would be tantamount to swimming the Tiber the other way!

Redskins? Hello, owner? (do like Joe Gibbs, but he's out again, isn't he?)

Vikings? Why go from one loser to another? Searching for a winner, here!

Fr. Ed said...

Well, the Browns are the obvious answer, considering you're from Ohio. But, if you insist on insulting them, perhaps the Colts would be the next logical conclusion. I've always said the Browns were my favorite team, the Colts my favorite professional team.

Adoro said...

Well, the Vikes might win if they had someone saying Mass for them!

Where's your faith, FATHER?

Lillian Marie said...

Browns were my favorite team, the Colts my favorite professional team.


Browns games are fun...although they just don't rank up there with OSU Football. Favorite game - when the squirrel made a touchdown! Gotta love those rodents. ;-)

MJ said...

Obviously backing a winning team doesn't apply to baseball. If you want to follow a real sport try hockey!

Rich Leonardi said...

Yep. That decision is the reason I put down the Bengals hat in Target yesterday.

LM said...

MJ - just saw a bumper sticker tonight -
"Give Blood - Play Hockey"


Adoro said...


I have a Tampa Bay Lghtnings jersey I got at the Mall of America (MOA locally or "Megamall") when I was in college and there with a guy friend who was into soccer and hockey.

Anyway, a few years later, I wore it on a "Girl's night" to Dinkytown (which is an area near the U of M in Minneapolis), at a bar called BW3's.

When I went up to get a particular sauce for our wings, the guy commented on my jersey, said that I probably bought it because I liked the color or the symbol or the name.

I retorted that the first woman ever to play professional hockey played for the Lightnings.

He almost fell over and just handed me the sauce...no charge.

Ladies...know your jerseys, know your sports and stats...and you'll get free stuff from random guys who work in strategic positions in bars and restaurants.

Um...ahem...not that I would EVER use my feminine wiles to such an advantage...even back when I WAS a cutie! (I really was a cutie in my 20's!) lol

And I still like Hockey!

Kat said...

Washington Capitols.

theophilus said...

Here's another Cincinnatian who is done. Just someone explain to me how I'm supposed to get my preschool son's Carson Palmer jersey away from him. Good news is that his fall T-ball games are at 1:00 Sunday.