Sunday, August 24, 2008

A great Sunday afternoon

This afternoon, I was honored to be asked to MC the Mass for the 60th anniversary of Fr. Joe Bruemmer's ordination. I've gotten to know Father Bruemmer over the last few years with my involvement at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, where he serves as President of the Board (your humble scribe serves as Vice President.)

I was something to see the 20 or so priests who had gathered together to celebrate this anniversary, and to look at the experience that they had together in the priesthood. As Fr. Leroy Smith said: 'they represent hundreds of years of service to God and His Church.' My four short years don't amount to much, yet; but I hope to femain faithful in service as Fr. Bruemmer.

God Bless!


Rich Leonardi said...

It sounds like a wonderful celebration. Sixty years. My goodness.

Adoro te Devote said...

Incredible...congrats on being the MC, and I hope you reach that milestone as well.

Unless, of course you glorify God by being a martyr before then.

(Random comment of the day from a likely fellow martyr...)

MJ said...

Hope you reach that milestone as well. Thanking God that you said yes to Him.

Lillian Marie said...

How awesome! I'm with MJ! Put you on the Altar at Mass - thanking God that you said 'yes'!