Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dia Dormier

Here's the back of the Black Vestments being worn at the Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains today.

Black Velvet, got some wieght to em.


Adoro said...

Father, that is so supremely cool. Even more so as I got to see it up close! It's gotta be really hot, though.

jamie said...

just wondering, is black specifically for the All Souls mass. Our priest wore red today...I was paying attention after your post earlier this week about special vestments. Beautiful black velvet by the way...did you feel a bit like Elvis? ha!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you told me it was black, Father, hard to see with all the glare!

Banshee said...

Wow. That's great!

Fr Martin Fox said...


Since you saw it up close, about when would you date that vestment? I'm thinking somewhere between 1920s and 1950s, what say you?


The choices for All Souls, for funerals, and all Masses for the dead, are -- in alphabetical* order, black, violet or white. I think that's universal, but I know it's true here.

* Why "alphabetical"? Because some who comment on this choose to be tendentious about the order these options are listed in the rulebook, in order to insinuate the ancient tradition of wearing black has now become somehow illegitimate.

Rich Leonardi said...

Fr. Fox,

Fr. Schnippel is out this week. He told me yesterday that the vestment was at least fifty years old and most likely was made in Austria. Interestingly, the back was far more ornate than the front, since under the older form the back is what most people would see.

Anonymous said...

The vestment sets were made in the 1950s as part of the renovation of the Cathedral. They were intended for pontifical services. There are also sets in purple velvet, white silk (although it has not aged well) and cloth of gold.

The purple set is used with some regularity at the Cathedral during advent and lent. The gold set comes out only for very special occasions. The Chasuble and a Cope from both the gold and white set are in display in the Cathedral's little museum.

Here is a link to a bit more info on the Telegraph Photography Project:

J.Samuel Ross. said...

Wow, what an awesome chasuble. It's breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

What lovely work. I am just in awe.

Gail F said...

Fr. Kyle is stylin'!

Does anyone remember the chasuble and alb for Pope Pius XI that was here at the St. Peter and the Vatican exhibit a couple of years ago? It was embroidered by Poor Clare nuns with incredible detail showing great Franciscans over the centuries. I love vestments.

BTW, a well-to-do woman at the exhibit sniffed something about how much money everything cost. I wanted to ask her what sort of dress she would buy for her daughter's wedding, and how much the reception would cost. And that would just be for one day, and one person.